Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gajar Ka Halwa – the first dessert I remember making on my own!

Delicious, sweet, colourful... this dessert needs no introduction. Writing this post got me a lot nostalgic and reminded me of the days when I started testing my culinary skills…..the guinea pigs were my lovely parents and my darling brother….I started trying recipes on my own when I was in school.… parents always encouraged me, loved anything that I tried and my brother used to clean the pot but was also my best critic…….

There you have it; my first dessert

Preparation time: 10 minutes                                          
Cooking time: 40 minutes
Servings: 7-8

700gms /4 cups red carrot peeled and grated
½ litre milk
2 cups sugar (depends on your taste)
200gms khoya / mava
4 tbsp ghee

For a garnish:
1 tbsp ghee
15 Cashew nuts(broken in to halves)
15 Almonds (soaked in hot water, peeled and sliced)

  • Peel, wash and then grate carrots
  •  In a non-stick kadhai, add 4 tbsps of ghee, fry the cashew nuts and then the almonds. Once they are slightly brown, keep them aside (hmm…smelling good!!)
  • Add the grated carrots in the remaining ghee now and fry till the carrots start losing the raw smell (and how do you check???...hey…just keep smelling it)
  • Pour the milk, once it's boiling reduce the flame, cook for about 20 minutes or until the milk is completely absorbed
  • To this, add sugar and keep stirring on medium flame (Adding sugar will make the halwa watery. So continue cooking till it’s soft and dry)
  • Add khoya. Cook on medium flame (approximately 15 minutes), stirring constantly
  • Turn off the fire when the halwa is still moist
  • Transfer in to a serving dish
  • Pour a tbsp of ghee on the top
  • Garnish with sliced almonds and cashew nuts
Serve it hot with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or refrigerate and serve chilled...
My son loved I had a winner on hand today.
Go ahead...... give it a try!! And don't forget to write in your experience!!
Sending this recipe to “food for little champs" hosted by Indu get cooking (Indu Mathew)

Yours Tastefully!!


  1. Oh wow! Looks like this is a winner if Shlok is devouring it! I have made it only a couple of times, so am not thorough with the recipe. I remember my husband loving it the first time he ate it. Thanks for posting it. Now I do not have to hunt for a good GAJRELA recipe. Thanks Bini. Will try out this weekend!

  2. thank you for your post.....sorry, I can't place you with your profile name...pls help:)

  3. The blog is nice ... the colours are good and your photos are very clear...BTW want to start a restaurant in the long run ? probably when i am back to Blore ;)

  4. @Lakshmi: thank you so much Uma!!restaurant!!:)

  5. This is Arabhi, sorry abt that!

  6. If Shlok likes, I like. Got to try your version.

  7. @Ajen: figured it out Arabhi:)

  8. @Sangu: tell me if u liked it:)