Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

August 6th… the most memorable date … the most significant, the most important and the most cherished date ‘cos it happens to my dad’s birthday. And I dedicate this post to my father, “the world’s best dad.” He is one in a million (and I can’t count beyond million:) ). Every time I want to write about my dad, I run short of words. He’s my one and only super hero and will always be... There’s so much in life that I have learnt from my dad. He’s simple yet strong with his beliefs, modest yet the most sophisticated with his values, abundant with love…equal with care, tough and practical…yet extremely brittle with emotions. If there was a pedestal for perfection…I guess, he would have defied that too …I am sure all daughters have a special place and space for their fathers. In the words of Joanna Fuchs, here’s an ode to my father that truly expresses my feelings.

Every day the whole year through, I feel grateful you are my father.
Some fathers don't have time for their kids, But for you I'm never a bother.
You always make the effort to listen and share; You're always there when you're needed
It warms me to know how much you care, And with that knowledge my worries are defeated
Dad, you are truly admired and adored, And as your daughter, I hope that you know,
These sentiments fill me each day of the year, And my love for you continues to grow.

I love you Accha !!

Before I push the emotions further, let’s see what I baked for him, “A Pineapple Upside-Down cake” and I am mighty pleased that he loved it…This recipe was passed on by my friend Sangeetha (thanks Sangu!). I had made this cake once before (it was a hit then too!) and I must tell you, it’s a ‘never-fail cake’…so go ahead and try it…it’s damn easy too…!!

Preparation time: 20 minutes 

Cooking time : 35-45 minutes
Serves: 9-10

You need:
6-7 pineapple rings (I used tinned but you can use fresh ones too)
6 -7 cherries
2-3 tsp brown sugar
2 cups maida (plain flour)
1 ¾ cups powdered sugar
1 tsp baking powder
100gms cooking butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp pineapple essence
a pinch of yellow food colour
4 eggs
a pinch of salt

Sieve maida and baking powder 

Take a fairly big tin, grease it with some butter and dust it with some maida

Sprinkle brown sugar evenly on the tin

Arrange the pineapple pieces (do not throw away the syrup from the tin) 

Place the cherries in the center of each of the pineapple rings (awww...it’s going to be a pretty cake)

Beat the eggs, butter and powdered sugar till fluffy

Add the maida (with baking powder) and mix carefully

Now add the food colour, pineapple and vanilla essence and give it a good mix (keep the beater away)

Pour the batter on top of the pineapple rings

Bake at 1800C for 35-45 minutes (keep a close watch to avoid burning!)

Insert a toothpick or a knife to check if your cake is done (it has to come out clean)

Keep the cake in the oven (after you have switched off) for 10 minutes
Allow the cake to cool for another 15 minutes 

Now, turn the tin on to a plate…Voila! The pretty cake is smiling back at you:)
Gently put the cake back into the tin (be careful not to smash the sides) 
Pour the syrup evenly on the back of the cake 
Allow the syrup to sink into the cake (the last wait, I promise) 
Another 30 minutes… over turn the cake again and light the candle… 

Do not allow Pineapple upside-down cake to cool completely before removing from the tin. The caramelized sugar hardens and results in the cake sticking to the tin .

Try it and check how it manages to put a smile on someone you love…!

Here’s wishing the superman, my dad again for the splendid day gone by and many more to come…!!

Yours Tastefully


  1. My dear sweety,
    The pineapple cake tasted very very good and also appealing . All the best for you and my (big & small) unnies.

  2. Lovely cake.. Love your step by step instructions with warning and suggestions :-).. Nice to know abt ur dad and ur affection towards him..

  3. Wish a happy b'day to your dad.. cake looks very delicious, and he must have been very happy too by seeing this lovely cake:)

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  5. Happy b'dy daddy!

    awesome cake for ur dad! I know how it feels like!


  6. Cake looks so good. Nice pic presentation .. Bleated wishes to your dad :-)

  7. thank you my lovely friends for those lovely comments... will pass on your wishes to my dad!

  8. Convey my Birthday wishes to your Dad.
    Cake looks superb, delicious, yummy and very beautifully decorated.

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  10. Thanks for visiting my space binitha. You have a great blog as well. I just loved this post. You are very lucky to have a father like that. Keep the creative juices flowing. Looking forward to more good food from you :)

  11. Hi Binitha, thank you so much for visiting my space. You have alovely space. This pineapple cake looks awesome. Excellent way to celebrate your dad's b'day. happy to follow you.

  12. Belated birthday wishes to your Dad. Perfect cake for the occasion

  13. U have made a beautiful cake to celebrate the beautiful event:-) Loved the flower shaped pan:-)

  14. Belated b'day wishes to your dad...cake looks perfect...Nice step by step clicks and writings...
    Thanks for dropping at my space and lovely comments....following your lovely space too..

  15. Perfect and beautiful cake for the special occasion. Happy belated birthday to your dad too...

  16. Beautifully made. I am very happy to follow you and thanks for your encouraging words.


  17. What a great picture of your dad and the kids. Memories like that are what make cooking and baking for family so much fun!

  18. Lovely cake ... s apt for the occasion:) Conveys my belated B'Day wishes to your dad. I can understand your strong bond with your dad.. You are so blessed:) The first pic is awesome.. granddad's love can be felt :)
    Enjoyed reading the post and the recipe... Glad to follow u ..
    Happy blogging..

  19. A wonderful cake, very belated b'day wishes to ur dad, a great click with ur dad n kids, noticed ur dad's comment too...May God bless ur family :)

  20. thank you my lovely friends...thank you for those encouraging words and all the good wishes for my dad:)

  21. the cake looks lovely! Love the pic of mixing the batter

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