Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Tikka

Yesterday, we were getting ready to watch the World cup semi-final between India and Pakistan. My hubby was home early and my son and I were so happy to have him around. He sat down to watch the match with a couple of beers and I went into my kitchen to make a good dinner for him (which was well planned). I wanted him to sit back, relax and enjoy the match with some good food too. I made his favourites, chicken tikka as an appetizer and parota and Kerala style spicy beef ularthiyathutu (beef roast) for main course.

Chicken tikka is a very popular dish; small pieces of chicken are marinated for a minimum of 3hours in yogurt and spices. Here’s how I made it,

Preparation time: 3hours
Cooking time: 30minutes
Serves: 3-4

You need:
500gms chicken breast
1tsp ginger paste
1tsp garlic paste
1tsp dhania powder (coriander powder)
1tsp jeera powder (cumin powder)
2 tsp chilli powder (alter according to your spice tolerance)
3 tbsp curd (yogurt)
2tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp tomato puree
a pinch of red colouring (optional)
1 onion sliced
2 tbsp oil
salt to taste

To Garnish:
1 lemon (cut into wedges)


Using a sharp knife, cut the chicken into small pieces

Blend ginger garlic, dhania powder, jeera powder and chilli powder in a mixing bowl

Spoon in the curd, salt, lemon juice, red colouring (if using) and tomato puree to the spice mixture

Add the chicken to the spice mixture and toss to coat well. Let it marinate for 3hours (preferably overnight)

Pre-heat your oven for 10minutes at 2200 C

Spread the onions at the bottom of a heatproof dish, carefully drizzle half of the oil over them
Now arrange the marinated chicken pieces on top of the onions and cook them on the grill

After 10minutes turn each piece and apply the remaining oil (is your kitchen smelling of all the spices now!) Cook for another 10-15minutes (total of 25-30minutes)

Garnish with lemon wedges

Serve this yummy succulent chicken tikka as an appetizer with green chutney or as a side with any kind of Indian bread!!

That’s it for now friends, will soon put up the recipe of Kerala style spicy beef ularthiyathutu…

Yours tastefully!!


  1. Hey Bini.. the chicken tikka was just AWESOMMMEE!! and i am still thinkin of it and drooling.. hehe!

    Ohh.. you should put up your beef fry recipe as well.. it was mind blowing!

    I am so glad to be your unofficial taster .. hehe .. and may u be inspired to cook loads more of mouth watering dishes! I promise Aarav & I will help.. if not me, Aarav will for sure :)!!

  2. thank you Sowmya:)I'll put up the beef recipe next.I thought the unofficial taster bit was our lil' secret:)
    but thanks a ton for all the encouragement!!

  3. May I be one of your unofficial tasters, atleast once in a while? :) And i promise you, I will keep the secret, Binitha!

  4. This looks yummy bini,i love tikkas, post the fish tikka recipe as well. Actually if you have some chicken drumsticks make some gashes on them and add a bit more red color and apply this masala in them you can make chicken tandoori as well, so two recipe in one :)

  5. well Virgie, I'll consider that:)

  6. thank you Sheeja. your brother loves them too so I make it quite often. I'll post the fish tikka recipe. I make tandoori chicken too but in a different marinade and it tastes different:)

  7. Am going to try this! You make cooking seem so simple :) Totally awesome!

  8. sure Hema...thanks a ton...your words were music to my ears...thankew again!

  9. You have a wonderful blog.

    1st time here and a follower too :)

  10. thank you very much Raksha:)