Thursday, March 24, 2011

home made butter

have you tried making butter at home? do people make butter when it’s readily available off the shelf? thought it was made only for Lord Krishna??? Well, making butter at home is really fun(but can get messy), simple and it tastes absolutely delicious. It’s an on going process as you need to remember to collect and store milk cream for about 2months. Let’s get started

You need:
lots of water(preferably cold)
(Don’t look for more, that’s all you need!)

Keep ready:
a bowl
a spoon
a mixer
a butter dish(a container to store butter)


Boil milk. Bring to room temperature and refrigerate (without covering). By evening you’ll see a layer on top of the milk

That’s the milk cream(you’ll get more cream if you are using full fat milk) 

Remove the cream and store in a jar in the freezer mixed with a tablespoon of curd. 

Repeat process till your jar is full

When you are ready to make butter, remove the jar from the freezer and bring it to room temperature. Let it happen naturally (do not heat it, you may even keep it out the previous night)

Spoon 4-5 tablespoons of cream into your mixer jar pour a cup of cold water
You can use a mixer, food processor, blender, or even a large bottle with a lid to make butter from cream (my mother used to give me a large bottle with cream and water to make butter- it was fun!!...but now I use a mixer , an electric device is faster but no fun!!)

Keep looking into the jar. Turn off the mixer once you see that the cream is replaced by lumps (your butter’s almost ready...yippee!)
Use a spoon and shift the lumps into bowl (with fresh water). The water that remains can be used as buttermilk (now you know to make home made buttermilk too!!)

Repeat the process until you’ve emptied all the cream 

Wash the butter and pour out the water
Repeat till the water is clear (or the butter will taste bitter…like Betty’s butter!!)

Remove all the butter from the water with a spoon or with your fingers (messy but what fun!!)
Transfer into your butter dish
That’s it! Your butter’s ready!

Just spread it on a slice of toasted bread, bake your favourite cakes or cookies, stir it in your butter garlic rice, spoon it on your garlic bread, use it in your shepherd's pie or top it on your parathas!!....

Yours Tastefully!!
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  1. You could have added another stage....melt this butter and u get ghee :)

  2. Love butter .... although not sure if i will get it in the milk that i get here although i buy whole milk

  3. @LAC: that'll be another post...:)

  4. @Lakshmi: y Uma, you don't get full fat milk also?

  5. excellent narrative. well stated.

  6. thank you very much Pramod...

  7. Came across this post in, what a picturesque + step by step presentation. My way of making butter goes like yours even then i enjoyed going through this post. What a treat to eyes and tastebuds! Try submitting your blog posts to the above website for more viewers!

  8. Thank you Shubha, the idea was to keep it simple so it helps a lot of people.And thank you for your suggestion.

  9. your presentation and language is very easy to follow especially for first timers who try making these receipes.

  10. thank you Smitha, the purpose of my blog was to make each recipe simple and easy to make