Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Velleppam / Appam

'Velleppam' is a special fermented rice pancake of Kerala. Most commonly known as ‘appam’. It’s an integral part of Kerala cuisine, usually made for breakfast (I make it for dinner too!). This is my mom’s recipe and to me, 'my mom’s velleppam’s are the best'. It’s different, delicious and worth a try. Took me quite a while to perfect the process of making spongy and lacy vellappams. Try it (even if you don't get it right the first time), I’m sure you’ll love it.

Preparation time: 10minutes (plus time taken to soak and ferment)
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes
Serves: 2-3

You need:
1 cup dosa rice/ raw rice
1/2 cup of grated coconut
½ cup cooked rice
2 tsp urad dal
a pinch of baking soda
2tsp sugar
salt for taste
water as required


Soak the rice and urad dal overnight
Drain the soaked rice and grind along with cooked rice, grated coconut and salt to a thick paste. Keep the batter for 6-8hrs of fermentation (leave the batter to rise and double in quantity)

Take a bowl of warm water and mix baking soda and sugar. Add to the batter and give it a good mix. Keep aside for 10 minutes

Heat a non-stick appachatty (if you don’t have one, use a shallow non-stick pan with a lid)

Pour a ladle full of batter, lift the appachatty and rotate it to spread the batter inside so a thin layer of batter covers the sides and thick layer collects at the centre.
Cover with the lid and cook for 1 minute on medium flame till the edges become golden crisp and the centre is soft. Cook only on one side
Repeat the procedure until all the batter is used up (with this proportion you can make up to 12 appams)
Serve hot with potato/ chicken stew, kadala curry, egg curry or coconut milk and sugar

Write it and tell me if you liked the whole experience of making velleppams!!

Yours tastefully!!

Sending this to Srivalli's Breakfast Mela.


  1. i love appam with coconut milk & sugar :))))

  2. me too! thanks for the comment Raji:)

  3. hey Binichechi thanks for the recipe i tried it Was Awwesomme. I never knew this appam recipe n was not able to make appams using coconut water (thanks to the place u dont get good coconuts here).You are doing a commendable job.Keep it up Thankyou once again Ashok relished it :)))). Looking forward to more recipes...

  4. thank you so much Priya. Am glad Ashok liked it too...keep following me for more recipes:)

  5. I was not aware that urad dal can be added. Used to always find diffulty in making the kappi. A thick paste with rice powder. It takes too long a time to get the exact consistency. Will try with urad dal.

    Please make the sabudhana kichidi if possible.

  6. sorry, I didn't get you,"Used to always find diffulty in making the kappi." what kaapi were you referring to? and I've never tried using rice try it just a little urad dal!

    I'll post the sabudana khichdi soon...
    and, do I know you?

  7. binitha Iam smitha again but my name appears as FNU in google account. For appam we do the kappi kachal or thari kurukku. we take the thari of ari podi and make a paste by mixing it with hot water. you should keep on stiring till it becomes a thick paste. It gives softness to appam. but I think urad dal is good instead of this lengthy process.

  8. I made it too....came out real nice..had to tweak it a lil because of the temperature here....gonna make it again next week....should say I would not have ever made it if it was not on your blog.....way to go and dhaaankyou!!!!

  9. Smitha, I didn't know that making appams could be so tough too!

  10. thank you Sneha...keep trying more and more

  11. Hi am Sabina,Waiting to try tis recipe pics luk interesting...and just have a doubt is the rice-parboiled coz we use parboiled for dosa and recipe also says else raw rice...can u pls clear my doubt..